LNG for Power Generation

LNG is ideal to replace other fuels since it is not only more economical than traditional oil based fuels like diesel but more environmentally benign. It also has the additional advantage of not having a stable long term pricing structure independent of oil pricing volatility structure.

Old diesel generators run by offtakers can be retrofitted to run on gas, while new engines utilizing dual-fuel technology allows the same engine to be operated on both gas and diesel fuel.

addition, dryers and most other fuel burning industrial equipment can also be run on LNG since LNG equipment is readily available and economical to purchase.

LNG Trucking

Evacutation of LNG to offtakers will be by double wawlled perlite filled cryogenic road tankers designed to meet not only Nigeria road weight and dimensional limitations, but also maintain international standards.

The LNG tank trucks have safety devices to prevent over-filling and over-pressurisation and a safety system to prevent disentangling of truck hose while loading

LNG Safety

Initial pre-operational safety features include environmental impact assessment (EIA) in which hazards are identified such that facility design is reviewed to mitigate or control identified hazards.

During plant operations, procedures will be established to ensure safe working habits and timely inspections and maintenance.